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The St. Louis Chapter of TDWI meets Quarterly to provide opportunities for the St. Louis region to collaborate with thought leaders and data professionals on the most innovative and transformational topics that are challenging local professionals.

Join us IN-PERSON on June 3, 2022 to hear speakers Dr. Jim Baker and Jeroen Tetteroo discuss Governance Modernization in the days of Data Fabric and Data Mesh, and Demystifying the Journey to Enabling Analytics in the Cloud.


June 3, 2022
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM


1 City Place Lower Level Auditorium
1 City Place Dr.
Creve Coeur, MO 63141



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TDWI In-Person Event



Networking and Registration


Introductions and Chapter Business

8:35AM- 10:00AM

Topic 1
Presenter: Dr. Jim Baker



10:20AM- 11:45AM

Topic 2
Jeroen Tetteroo

11:45AM- 12:00PM

Wrap up and Give-aways

Presentation Topics

Topic 1 (8:35 AM- 10:00 AM): Data Governance Modernization in the day of Data Fabric and Data Mesh

Presenter: Dr. Jim Baker

Today there is much discussion around data governance modernization, data fabric and data mesh.  Quite honestly, there is little discussion to integrate the needs of data governance in these concepts, but there should be.  In this session we are going to discuss how data governance is changing in relation to using catalogs, lineage, data quality, and a more robust framework of human-involved continuous improvement.  We will expand those ideas and share how they can be used in concert with strategic initiatives around data fabric and data mesh.    

Topic 2 (10:20 AM- 11:45 AM): Demystifying the Journey to Enabling Analytics in the Cloud

Presenter: Jeroen Tetteroo

Like many IT functions, data analytics is moving to the cloud. But is your organization ready? Going to the cloud is a necessary step that allows you to scale data, users, use cases, and capabilities around machine learning and data science. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. Deployment delays, maintenance and upgrade issues, adoption resistance, and more can end up hurting your businesses’ ability to keep up pace against competition. Hear from leading enterprise organizations on how they’re demystifying the journey of taking their data analytics to the cloud and competing successfully in today’s digital economy.

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Watch the video from our latest virtual event! On April 1, 2022, speaker and author, Scott Taylor- The Data Whisperer, gave incredible insights on how data leaders must tell their data story with the 3 Vs: Vocabulary, Voice, and Vision.

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