September 10, 2020

“4 Things every data professional must know for data and analytics success!” with Len Silverston

Data professionals must be adept not only technically, but culturally and interpersonally. Thus, this presentation will provide principles, tools, and frameworks for the following 4 foundational keys for effectiveness: Engaging business representatives and stakeholders, effective communications, transforming culture, and delivering value.

This webinar will cover:
– Many examples of successful and unsuccessful data programs including what worked and what didn’t
– Proven and practical frameworks and techniques to engage stakeholders, communicate effectively, build trust, handle conflict, and deliver real value
– How to use these principles and tools within the context of data strategy, communication of plans, going in new strategic directions, and implementing programs
– Interactive and fun exercises to reinforce the powerful learnings in this session

“4 Things Every Data Professional Should Know to Be Successful”

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