November 13, 2023

Sept 14, 2023 KPI’s the levers toward managing to success.

Dr. Beth Cudney and Matt Allsup

Dr. Beth Cudney is a professor of data analytics and program coordinator for data analytics at Maryville University’s John E. Simon School of Business, where she brings a 25-year career as an internationally recognized expert and leader in data analytics and Lean Six Sigma to her role as an educator. Starting with her work in industry and graduate research, Dr. Cudney has been heavily involved in the use of data for decision making and prediction. She understands how data is used both correctly and incorrectly to influence the consumer of the data, and she utilizes active learning to build her students’ understanding and engagement of the application of course content.
Matt Allsup is a Maryville alum and practicing data architect and Sr. Consultant with Antage.Net. Matt has been consulting across a number of industries on data and BI practice management for over 20 years, and wants to be remembered for helping turn information into knowledge. Matt is helping to bring to market a new product called Pathfinder, a survey based toolkit for organizations aspiring to be data-driven. Matt is a founding board member of TDWI St. Louis chapter in 2008.

KPI’s the Levers toward managing to success.

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