TDWI-St. Louis Webinar Recordings

June 3, 2022- Governance Modernization in the days of Data Fabric and Data Mesh, and Demystifying the Journey to Enabling Analytics in the Cloud

Join us IN-PERSON on June 3rd, 2022 for the next TDWI STL event! When: June 3, 20228:00 AM- 12:00 PM Where: 1 City Place Lower Level Auditorium  1 City Place DrCreve Coeur, MO 63141 Agenda: 8:00AM-8:20AM Networking and Registration 8:20AM-8:35AM Introductions and Chapter Business 8:35AM-10:00AM Topic 1Presenter: Dr Jim Barker 10:00AM- 10:20AM Break 10:20AM- 11:45AM

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April 1, 2022- Scott Taylor- The Data Whisperer

Telling Your Data Story With the 3Vs: Vocabulary, Voice and Vision From our April 1, 2022 virtual event, speaker and author, Scott Taylor, speaks on how Data Leaders must create a compelling narrative to evangelize their Data Management programs and secure long-term support from enterprise stakeholders and business leadership. Data management leaders who seek to improve

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John Ladley: How to create a culture of Data Literacy 12/03/2021

It seems that everyone wants to be data-driven. But data-driven requires that all the people resources in an organization be able to participate. And often, there is a lack of awareness and an inability to actually know how to use and manage data. This lack of data literacy is a big issue, and John explores

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Rado Kotorov: The Myths and Truths about AI 9/17/2021

It is no question that AI can deliver value. And yet, according to Gartner, more than 85% of projects will fail. Failure happens when you undertake an AI initiative based on hype and myths. In the video below, Rado Kotorov demystifies this for you and gives you road-maps to success.

Paul Boal: Healthcare Price Transparency 9/17/2021

TDWI St. Louis’ first LIVE event of 2021. If you missed it, watch the video below for Paul Boal’s presentation! Healthcare costs in the United States account for 18% of the GDP and climbing. More than half of all bankruptcies are attributed at least in part to unexpected medical expenses. What individual patients and insurance

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COVID-19 Data Solutions for the St. Louis Region

Below is the recording of presentation from representatives of the Regional Data Alliance. The ongoing pandemic has created both an acute need and a unique opportunity for regional healthcare data.  There is an unprecedented urgency to use data from a wide variety of sources to inform and guide the work and decisions of regional Departments

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December 2020 Time Series Data with Rado Kotorov

Why is Time series data so important and how to monetize it? Today the fastest growing data is Granular Time Series Data (GTS), also known as machine data and/or logger data. There is nine times more GTS data than business data. For the past two decades analysts have been using Business Intelligence to squeeze insights

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